The aim of The Matthew Tree Project is to invest in our people, volunteers and staff, by way of effective training to enable impactful support of vulnerable and at risk members of our local communities.

We do this by developing our own in-house training programs and also providing external, more specialised training as and when it becomes available.

If you would like to enroll for any of the advertised training courses we are holding or have links to please let us know and we will make the arrangements.

Helping Vulnerable People Training

Module 1: Introduction to volunteering Personal effectiveness

Module 2: Building effective relationships Navigation: Creating a positive client experience

Module 3: Addiction

Module 4: Nutrition and the importance of diet Food handling

Module 5: Money, budgeting & debt

Module 6: Mental health

Module 7: Work & the benefit system

Module 8: Mentoring for positive change Pulling it all together

If you would like to enrol for any of the trianing modules above please contact Michelle Dron (General Manager) at the following address:

[email protected]