Donations via CAF America or Just Giving

The Matthew Tree Project has been vetted and approved to receive tax-deductible donations from US donors in partnership with CAF America. Please click on the CAF America logo to get started and give to support our vital work.

The Matthew Tree Project is able to accept tax-deductible donations from donors in partnership with Just Giving. Please click on the Just Giving logo to get started and give to support our vital work.

Your donation will make a life changing difference to someone, and there are many ways to give:

Monthly Standing Order.

This way of giving is the most advantageous for us. It gives us some degree of fore-knowledge of our level on income and therefore we can plan and commit to many more programs and employment of staff.

One off donations.

One off donations are also welcome and this money will help us carry-out additional activities over and above the planned program that we have funded from our regular 'known' income.

Giving of Resources

Some people and organisations are in a position to help us with items rather than money. Please contact us if you have items which are in a good condition and you would like to offer to the charity.

Remember Us in Your Will

Please remember us and the vital work we do when you make out your will. This is one way you can leave a legacy of something very special.

If you would like to give to help us in this work please contact us at:

[email protected]

Please help us to continue to do our work.

Your donation will make a life changing difference to someone. The relative 'low cost' and 'high impact' pioneering 'Rebuilding Lives' model created by The Matthew Tree Project is now proven to provide a step-change in the way people and families in crisis are supported into independence.

For example, the cost of one TMTP crisis support session per beneficiary is currently £24.70, and the average cost to support one of our clients from crisis point to independence (taking on average 9 weeks) is £219.83.

An in-depth university research study shows that the cost to the publicly financed services (NHS, mental health services, criminal justice system and local council services) to support someone who has been allowed to fall into homelessness (for up to 12 months) is reported to be £20,128.00.

However, despite the obvious civil society benefits of our work, we do not receive any statutory funding from national or local government so for our work to continue we are dependent on the generosity of compassionate people and organisations.