Access to The Matthew Tree Project (TMTP) Support Centre' support for clients is by referral from one of our officially appointed referral agencies.

Agencies and organisations who support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people and families in society can be appointed as an official referral agency. When they come into contact with a family or individual who meet the referral criteria (see below), they can be referred to 'The Matthew Tree Project Support Centre‘ network. using an official online referral process.

Our objective is to help individuals and families who are in great financial hardship - to the extent they are missing meals and suffering from hunger.

Individuals and families are referred to the city-wide ‘Rebuilding Lives’ support programme by a wide and diverse range of officially appointed referral organisations who cover all the possible crisis situations imaginable.

No-one, no group, no postcode is excluded. ‘Rebuilding Lives’ is open to anyone who is in need. ‘Rebuilding Lives’ holistically supports extremely vulnerable people and families who find themselves in a crisis situation. The programme works in two stages:

Step 1: stabilising of the crisis

Step 2: addressing the underlying causes of the crisis

Access to support is by referral via a growing city-wide network of approved referral agencies.

Client Eligibility Criteria

A person or family are eligible for referral to ‘Rebuilding Lives’ for help and support if, for whatever reason:

  • combined (total) household income is not enough to cover essential living costs. i.e. housing. utility bills, childcare, travel to/from work/school/job interviews, tax, telephone, laundry, internet. clothes and food
  • they are doing all they can to help themselves

Any organisation who work with, or come into contact with, people or families who could become vulnerable and find themselves in crisis can apply to become an official referral partner to the ‘Rebuilding Lives’ support programme.

Each referring agency has a responsible person officially registered with The Matthew Tree Project. This contact is responsible for ensuring their agency is operating the system correctly and only the people in genuine need are being referred.

It is our belief that it is only by different agencies working well together, will people in need get the most effective support.

Referral Agency Application Procedure

To apply to become an officially appointed referral agency, the following information is requested:

  • name of your organisation
  • what you do
  • a profile of your typical client group
  • the name and job title of the responsible person who will be our main point of contact
  • your address and telephone number
  • your web site and e-mail address
  • how long you have been operating
  • [best] estimate of how many clients you think you may refer per month

The ‘Rebuilding Lives’ programme is underpinned by the industry leading Apricot Case Management software as the online referral tool and a mechanism to record the impact the ‘Rebuilding Lives’ partnership has on the people supported by the programme. Where one or more partner is engaging with and supporting a common client the outcomes achieved by each partner is collected by the Apricot system to report on the client journey and ‘mapping’ of the different interventions so that the outcomes can be better understood and the programme can be improved based on collective experience and learning.