We want to create a sense of community where people feel safe, understood and supported.

Individuals and families are referred to one of the city-wide network of 'TMTP Support Centres' by a wide and diverse range of officially appointed referral organisations who cover all the possible crisis situations imaginable. No-one, no group, no postcode is excluded.

The model has been developed progressively since 2011, with key partners and from valuable feedback and involvement of the clients we have supported. We aim to improve the overall client experience and work hard to ensure clients move from crisis to independence in the best possible way.

TMTP’s immediate aim is to ensure that people forced to make choices between eating and keeping warm or paying rent, do not go hungry. This has a devastating effect on someone’s mental and physical health. By providing weekly food supplies, in a dignified way, we are able to walk alongside each client to help them arrest the crisis and start to rebuild their lives.

All clients take part in a process cycle lasting six weeks. If successful, they will be better equipped to progress into independence from crisis.

If not, they can re-do the process cycle until stability is reached.

Duringevery visit to a 'TMTP' Support Centre', a mix of support is offered, varying according to the individual needs/s:

  • Weekly supply of 7-days' worth of nutritious (ambient, fresh, chilled, frozen) foods aiding good health and well-being - chosen by the client according to food preferences and dietary need(s)
  • Nutritional and dietary advice
  • Valuable 1:1 mentoring provided by well-trained volunteers to help families navigate out of crisis, using a goal focused and accountable approach
  • Support with specific issues e.g. budgeting, nutrition, home cooking, ICT
  • Evaluation interview in week six to assess situation and further action required
  • Add-on specialist external support from one or more of our strategic partner organisations covering: debt advice, welfare advice, housing advice, employment advice, addiction recovery support, legal representation support, fuel poverty support, mental health support, children at risk, community transport, and help in obtaining crisis grants for essential household items and emergency payments

All volunteers and staff work hard through each cycle to unpack client stories, underlying causes, get to the real needs, and set realistic goals.