Officially Appointed Referral Agencies

Access to The Matthew Tree Project FOOD PLUS services for clients is by referral only. 

Only officially appointed agencies are permitted to refer people to TMTP FOOD PLUS Centres.

Agencies and organisations who support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people and families in society can be appointed as an official referral agency. When they come into contact with a family or individual who meets the referral criteria (see below), they can be referred to one of the FOOD PLUS Centres using an official referral voucher, that we will supply as part of the setting up process.


Our objective is to help children, families and individuals who are in great financial hardship - to the extent they are missing meals and suffering from hunger.


Eligibility Criteria

A person or family are eligible for referral to The Matthew Tree Project for help and support if, for whatever reason:

  • combined (total) household income is not enough to cover essential living costs, i.e. housing, utility bills, childcare, travel to/from work/school/job interviews, council tax, telephone, laundry, internet, clothes and food

  • AND they are doing all they can to help themselves

TMTP FOOD PLUS Centres are NOT food banks. We do not provide short term food parcels and for people who are in a short term emergency need, referral to one of the food banks is the most appropriate action.

TMTP committment to each client we accpet is much greater than that of the food banks and it is therefore much more critical for us to ensure only those in genuine need are accepted as clients. We provide additional support (more than food) over a longer period of time and therefore it is necessary for the referral criteria to be properly applied by each referring agency. 

Each referring agency will need to have a responsible person who TMTP will deal with. This contact will be responsible for ensuring their agency is operating the system correctly and only the people in genuine need are being referred. It is our belief that it is only by different agencies working well together, will people in need get the most effective support.
Any agency or organisation can apply to become an official referral agency. Each application will be fully assessed before a decision is made. At the very least, to be eligible for consideration the organisation would need to be in contact with vulnerable (and at risk) people and have a detailed understanding of their circumstances and a close enough relationship with them to be able to ascertain if they qualify or not. 
Not every client who will want access to The Matthew Tree Project will qualify. The FOOD PLUS Centre services are for those who are doing all they can to help themselves, are in the most need and are at real risk of missing meals and suffering from hunger on an ongoing and prolonged period, without our help.

The Matthew Tree Project reserves the right to refuse appointment of an agency as a referral agent (if we have concerns over their ability to administer the system correctly or any other concerns) and we also reserve the right to cancel a referral agency agreement if people who do not qualify for help are being referred. 

Application Procedure
If your organisation would like to apply to become a referral agency please send an e-mail to the following address detailing:

  • what you do 
  • a profile of your clients, and
  • a typical circumstance of one of your clients which makes you feel they would benefit from our services
  • the name and job title of the responsible person in your organisation who will be our main point of contact
  • your address and telephone number
  • your web site address and e-mail address
  • how long you have been operating
  • estimate of how many clients you will refer per month

If you have any queries or would like to apply to become an official referral agent to The Matthew Tree Project FOOD PLUS network please send a message to Rose - Referral Agency Co-ordinator, at the following address: