Outreach Support Care

Transforming lives, giving a hope and a future

The Outreach Support Care Team are striving to make a real and lasting difference through the giving of dedicated one-to-one time to build relationship. It works by each care volunteer giving just one to two hours per week to listen, support, and encourage in the journey that is required for families and individuals to escape the misery of a life of poverty.

There is a huge gulf between basic sign-posting at one end and the help of a professional support worker at the other. Our Outreach Support Care service fills this gap. It is much more than sign-posting and it is not seeking to do the work of a professional support worker. We are finding that in working closely with the professional support worker the client gets much more effective support. The Outreach Support Care volunteer can give time to the client which is so very important.  

The Outreach Support Care Team are completely separate to the FOOD PLUS teams and all the FOOD PLUS Centres are able to refer any of their clients to the Outreach Support Care Team. There is one Outreach Support Care Team for each city where TMTP operates, regardless of how many FOOD PLUS Centres there are.

To refer a client to the Outreach Support Care Team, the FOOD PLUS follow-up coordinator simply completes a referral form which will give the Outreach Support Care coordinator all the information they need to ‘match’ the referred client to an available Outreach Care volunteer.

Outreach Care is initially provided for a period of 3 months, with an option to continue for a further 3 months provided (a) progress is being made and (b) the client wishes to continue.

The Outreach Support Care volunteers work as a team. We are growing as a team, we are learning and we are becoming more effective in helping vulnerable people into a better and more fulfilled future, living a life of self-dependency free of the need of charity and welfare benefits.

To undertake this role, training is essential.