Local Food Distribution Hub

Strategic City-wide Approach
The Matthew Tree Project FOOD DISTRIBUTION HUB is located in Knowle West, Bristol. 

The overriding theme to the work of The Matthew Tree Project is focused very much on food and the Local Food Distribution Hub enables us to support many strands of our pioneering model which are all connected and vital in the process of addressing the immediate crisis and then helping to empower people to build dignified and self-sufficient, healthy and happy lives.

All food received via corporate appeals, food donations or locally produced is sorted and processed at the FOOD HUB before it is re-distributed to the FOOD PLUS Centres in the network and partner organisations. We are able to handle fresh, frozen, chilled and ambient food.

Our work concentrates on the wards suffering with the highest rates of multiple deprivation and the greatest health problems and therefore it is not a surprise that our Food PLUS Centres are concentrated in Central and South Bristol. These are the poorest areas of Bristol.

Achieving a zero-hunger, food resilient city is a huge logistical challenge which requires co-operation and partnership working of the highest order from all the different organisations who work in the area of food poverty, local food production, the city council and local and national businesses. It is vital that everyone are working toward the same goal. 

Wealthier areas of a city understandably give more food and financial donations than poorer areas. Yet the greatest need is in the poorer areas of the city, hence the greatest demand on food stocks. 

This is why it is only by taking a city-wide strategic approach can the need be properly and fully met. TMTP model of a central FOOD DISTRIBUTION HUB is the only practically sensible approach given the very high volumes of food we are processing and it ensures all the food received goes to the areas of the city in greatest need. 
In 2015 we will be launching a community programme whereby other qualifiying organisations can apply to receive food aid from TMTP Food Distribution Hub. 

TMTP Local Food Hub will also be made available in 2015 for local food producers to utilise to help promote and distribute nutritious and tasty locally produced food to local people who need it the most, regardless of where they live or level of income.