Building Lives in Bristol (BiB)

An holistic, collaborative approach to helping people in Bristol out of crisis

'Building Lives in Bristol (BiB)' is an exciting collaborative partnership project, funded by The Big Lottery that started on 1 July 2016 and will be developed over the course of the next 5 years.

The partnership consists of: 

  • The Matthew Tree Project (project lead)
  • St Paul's Advice Centre
  • Bristol Drugs Project
  • Centre for Sustainable Energy
  • St Monica Trust
  • ACE Mental Health Engagement Team
  • Knowle West Health Park
  • Bristol City Council Early Help (Children at Risk)
  • Personal Support Unit
  • Bristol City Mission Society (Food Plus Centre hosting partner - St Jude's)

The project sits in-between the pioneering and innovative front line ‘Food Plus Centre’ crisis support services of The Matthew Tree Project, and the services provided by partner agencies and other service providers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

The objective is to stabilise the life of a service user in crisis; identify and empower them to address the underlying causes (of the crisis) as early as possible; and ensure other necessary internal and external services are easily accessible and effective in helping to achieve positive outcomes for the client.

The project will track the ‘client journey’ from crisis entry point to exit point and will apply the learning gained to inform the way organisations work within the partnership to improve the experiences of other clients.

A newly appointed position of Navigator Manager will lead a small navigation team of volunteers to develop a robust and user friendly inter-partner referral process to make access to needed service support as easy as possible for the service user and eliminate duplication; i.e. the need to tell their story multiple times.

The project is being underpinned by the industry sector leading Apricot Measurement and Evaluation software system.