“The Matthew Tree Project is amazing! They are a great help to me and everyone – the way they got it all sorted out and organised is great. The staff are amazing and friendly and it’s like another family. There’s no judgement – just great help and makes the unfortunate feel better. Couldn’t manage without them.”

Client of The Matthew Tree Project, 2018


“I like talking to the staff and volunteers, meeting people and getting out of the house. It's helping me to feel more confident. The Matthew Tree Project has helped me through my financial crisis, and having the food enables me to pay other bills.”

Client of The Matthew Tree Project, 2022


“I don't know where I'd have been without you. You have been my life saver and I can't thank you enough, you are all such lovely people who cares about me. The food is helping me so much and I am learning to cook more with fresh vegetables. Thank you so much.”

Client of The Matthew Tree Project, 2022

It is our belief that only by different agencies working well together, will vulnerable people and families in crisis get the most effective support they need.

Being able to ‘navigate through’ and ‘engage with’ the social welfare system and access the help and support needed at any given time is very challenging for people, many riddled with anxiety and fear, and therefore enabling this to happen and happen well is a critical aspect of the unique ‘REBUILDING LIVES’ model.

People and families in crisis have multiple and complex needs and vastly differing knowledge and capabilities and are often living stormy, chaotic and extremely challenging lives – due to the immense pressures and stresses of their circumstances.

It is for all these reasons that The Matthew Tree Project have put into place a highly effective and very supportive and powerful ‘client navigation’ referral mechanism and team who sit in-between the frontline ‘REBUILDING LIVES’ support services and a growing city-wide network of strategic partners who provide add-on specialist support as required.

This is not signposting. It is creating ‘robust’ internal corridors between multiple service providers within the sector, in such a way which works for the client. The navigation team do the initial leg work: from identifying and locating the right partner service; to making first contact and explaining the client’s story (removing the demoralising situation whereby the client has to tell their story over and over again) and ensuring the partner is the right service needed before being introduced to the client; and to understanding how the client can engage with it. Each client’s capabilities are taken into consideration and the partnership works hard to find a way to ensure each person gets the help they need, when they need it and in a way which works for them.

‘REBUILDING LIVES’ strategic partners include, but is not restricted to:

  • advice services
  • addiction recovery programme providers
  • fuel poverty support
  • mental health support services
  • family support services
  • legal representation providers
  • grants for essential household items and crisis payment providers
  • community transport

Our aim is to stop people and families falling through the gaps in service provision and improve the overall client experience, working hard to ensure people move from crisis to independence in the best possible way.