It is our belief that it is only by different agencies working well together, will people in need get the most effective support. Enabling clients to ‘navigate' through the social welfare system and access the help and support they need at any given time is very challenging and is therefore a critical part of our model. People in need have multiple and complex needs and are often living chaotic lives due to the immense pressure and stresses of their situations.

It is for these reasons that TMTP have put into place an effective and very powerful 'navigation’ referral mechanism team who sit between ourselves and a growing city-wide network of strategic partners who provide add-on specialist external support, as required:

  • St Paul's Advice Centre: Welfare, debt. housing, employment advice services
  • Bristol Drugs Project: Alcohol and drug recovery support
  • Centre for Sustainable Energy: Home energy related support
  • Bristol City Council Early Help: Early support for at risk children
  • ACE: Support for people suffering from poor mental health
  • Personal Support Unit: Legal support for unrepresented people
  • St Monica Trust: Funding for the purchase of essential household items
  • BCT: City-wide community transport partner

We aim to improve the overall client experience and work hard to ensure clients move from crisis to independence in the best possible way.