Food Logistics

Strategic City-wide Approach

Giving food to those in crisis is what brings people to us so that we can help and support in the way we do. Food is therefore a key, critical component of our model and work. Given the volumes of food involved now, and the hygiene and environmental safety regulations, it is simply impossible to operate professionally and properly without a well-equipped food distribution hub and robust food handling logistic systems.

TMTP Food Distribution hub is located in Filwood (BS4) and is equipped with commercial grade fridges and freezers. We operate commercial vehicles and employ a small and skilled staff consisting Food Logistics Manager and two van drivers who are supported by a larger team of trained and supervised volunteers.

The graphic below depicts the daily food logistic activities of TMTP across the city of Bristol. We currently deliver our service programmes through four TMTP Support Centres. 

Food Supplies

All the food we distribute is donated to TMTP which we collect from various supplier sources. In 2016 this amounted to over £176,000 worth of good nutritious food. 69% of the food is collected directly from the food industry, which would otherwise be thrown away. 31% is given to us by the general public.

From time to time we have a surplus of food ourselves (good food close to its use by date) and when this happens we deliver the surplus to other local charities and organisations. In 2016 this amounted to over £13,000 worth of good nutritious food.

Presently, 48.9% of the food given is fresh/chilled/frozen produce whilst 51.1% is long life ambient packets, jars and tinned foods.