Monitoring & Evaluation Project

Evaluation & Improving the Social Impact of TMTP Model

Eighty percent of TMTP Food Plus Centre clients are unemployed and desperate to find work. Many also experience related challenges; mounting debt, family break-up or ill health that lead to a point when individuals or families cannot cope alone. TMTP clients often live on the edge of society; they are homeless, physically disabled, mentally ill, recovering from addiction, seeking asylum, fleeing domestic abuse at home, or recently released from prison.  But we also have clients who have lost jobs and cannot find new employment who are shocked to find themselves asking for support perhaps because of a delay in benefit payments, or in some cases because a wage or welfare benefit is insufficient to meet present financial commitments and it takes time to adjust to new circumstances.  

The transitions we seek are to initially remove people from hunger and food deprivation and so ease the resulting physical and mental harm that results from both short, and longer-term food deprivation.  And our additional wellbeing services are there to lessen the likelihood of poverty becoming embedded; learning how to achieve financial independence, avoid becoming malnourished, gaining hope and confidence, and enhancing skills in food preparation on a budget, work preparedness and developing new skills for the every changing economic landscape.

This project will emable us to improve our FPC Monitoring and Evaluation system that is currently based on manual form filling by volunteers recording client details that are then transferred to a computerised central spreadsheet.  This generates only headline numerical data. E.g. if we record 120 attendances a month at a Food Plus Centre, the figure does not tell us the frequency of individual visits during the period which can lie between one and four.  

Although our client records are detailed, it is difficult to extract from these a comprehensive set of data that fully conveys the impact of our work.

Funded by the Lloyds Foundation

Our Measurement & Evaluation Project is due to start in early 2015 and is being generously funded by the Lloyds Foundation.

The project involves the employment of specialised M&E consultant support to:

  • Facilitate a workshop to develop a theory of change approach to evaluating our work
  • Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework based upon workshop findings
  • Design a monitoring toolkit with guidelines for users
  • Select a cloud web M&E database system, including training for key users
  • Run a trial Evaluation in six months to review how effective the system is
  • Eighteen key volunteers plus staff will attend two training workshops; one to share volunteers’ knowledge of clients and incorporate it into an M&E system, the other to learn how to use the computerised database system

How Long Will This Project Take?

We believe this project will take up to 2 years to fully develop. It will require 4 to 6 months for the consultants to run the M&E workshop for key personnel and produce an M&E Framework plus monitoring toolkit for the new system. 

It will then take another 2 - 3 months to subscribe to, and receive training in using a web based M&E system before we can start using the new TMTP M&E system.  

After 6 months the consultants will return to run a trial evaluation report and discuss any issues arising with the Charity Director, suggesting ways in which improvements can be made. The system will then be fully operated for a further 12 months with regular project reviews to identify any issues and imporvements that are needed. 

The TMTP M&E Social Impact System will then be signed off by the end of 2016 and made available to all TMTP partner and afflicated organisations.