Giving & Sponsorship Opportunities

Please Help Us Make a Real Difference


There are many financial needs and pressures on a work like this and at such a time of austerity as we are in when the financial pressures couldn't be greater we really do need your support.
Without your generosity we would not be able to do anything at all.
Below are some examples of the what your valued donations will go towards:
  • £730...monthly rent, rates, utility and telephone

  • £585 pa...annual van insurance

  • £515 pa...annual employers & public liability insurance

  • £500...monthly cost of diesel in the van

  • £200...monthly telephone bill

  • £9000...six months running of the 'Cook Smart, Eat Well' cookery courses for 54 clients

In addition to the 'core' running costs above, we are currently trying to secure funding for the next stage of development of the work of TMTP. Selected examples of given below:

  • £20,000 pa...full time van driver

  • £24,000 pa...part-time qualified Money Smart Work Wise  facilitator

  • £20,000 ...installation of our first production kitchen in Filwood Broadway

  • £60,000 ...funding required to employ a qualified grower and other essential items to enable our RISE food growing social enterprise project in Brislington to get off the ground and start producing food and training opportunities

  • £130,000 ...funding required to design and build the RISE Skills Training Centre

If you or your organisation would like to 'sponsor' any of these specific projects for one, two or three years please get in touch and we can discuss how your support for our work and those less fortunate can be fully and publicly recognised.

For any work such as this to survive (and succeed) it is dependent on the generosity of compassionate people and organisations. We will do as much as we can to fund raise with original ideas and innovative thinking, heaps of energy and enthusiasm but this will not be enough on it's own.


For this work to stand any chance of success we need your help.


There are many ways to give:


Monthly Standing Order

This way of giving is the most advantageous for us. It gives us some degree of fore-knowledge of our level on income and therefore we can plan and commit to many more programs and employment of staff.


One off donations

One off donations are also welcome and this money will help us carry-out additional activities over and above the planned program that we have funded from our regular 'known' income.


Giving of Resources

Some people and organisations are in a position to help us with items rather than money. For example we are currently in need of two mini-buses. These can be donated by garages or other organisations that have a mini-bus but no longer have a use for it. Also, property is desperately needed so we can provide half-way homes for people who are well on their way in the process of rehabilitation.

Remember Us in Your Will

Please remember us and the vital work we do wjhen you make out your will. This is one way you can leave a legacy of something very special.


If you would like to give to help us in this work please contact us at:



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 is true what they say; "money cannot buy happiness"...unless you give it away. Then, there is nothing like it.