Foodtures Education Centre, Brislington

Teaching a New Generation of Local Food Producers

The FOODTURES Education Centre will be located at our 'Brislington' site situated just off Allison Road, Bristol.

Bristol City Council have advised us that the site should be available for us to gain access from the second half of 2016. Prior to this date, we will be seeking the funding we will need to design and build the Education Centre and develop the site ready for planting and running courses in early 2016.  

The training courses offered will cover subjects such as:

  • Urban growing
  • Rural growing
  • Agricuture
  • Permaculture
  • Horticulture
  • Fungi Cultivation
  • Organic gardening
  • Seed saving
  • Conservation
  • Fresh food storage
  • Reducing food waste (in the home)
  • The benefits of, and how to cook from scratch (at home)
  • How to develop a food/catering business/enterprise

The courses will be chargeable and this will form one of our income streams. However, on each running of each course there will be at least 30% of the places offered free of charge for people on low incomes. 

We also intend to use the education centre to enable local school children trips to take place where we can engage and teach local school children about food and sustainable food systems.

The education centre will also be central to the apprenticeship programs we will be running whereby we will training long term unemployed poeple new skills that are recognised and needed by local employers, hence providing a route into good quality employment and the prospect of a new career.