Jamie is in his mid-forties and has been employed as one of our food collection and delivery van drivers since May 2015 and is a perfect example of the impact of TMTP model and its primary objective of 'empowering people to rebuild happier, healthier, and better lives.'

We extend our ethos and priciples not only to our clients but also in giving people effected by crisis and/or disadvantage a chance to rebuild their lives in employment with TMTP.

Since his appointment, Jaimie has gained Food Hygiene Level 2 qualifications and Jamie's experience is summed up in his own words:

"Due to my employment at The Matthew Tree Project I have gained an understanding and a new experience engaging and communicating with society. Having being disengaged for so many years during my addiction,
I now have the ability and tools to communicate in the correct manner and respect that others deserve. I feel an enormous sense of wellbeing, satisfaction and pride whilst working with others whom may be suffering similar crisis as I have experienced."

I feel that my personal experience enables me to full appreciate our client's situations and their support needs. Having this opportunity of paid employment has not only helped me develop, it also has a ripple effect on my personal life and for many others in it. As this was ultimately my first paid job it has completed my journey from treatment centre, through supported housing and now to independent living in my own flat. It has also enabled me to purchase and maintain a vehicle but also to sustain my recovery and rebuild my life. To this extent I am now chair of my fellowship where we work with others with drug and alcohol dependency; and our primary purpose is staying clean and helping others achieve sobriety."

James Critchlow, 2017

We demonstrate a real commitment to service users by involving them in service design, development, and delivery. A key document thatdemonstrate our efforts in this regard is out 'Theory of Change Framework' produced in 2015 by an independent consultant. It was very helpful in setting out our 'outcomes focus' linked to out impacts.

By 2016, TMTP is amongst the largest 20% of UK charities, operating from four 'Support Centres' providing a full 'wrap-around' range of services to 877 people, conducting over 3000 crisis support sessions, and giving out the equivalent of over 183,000 nutritiously balanced meals annually. This is only made possible thanks to an 'army' of over 60 well trained and supervised volunteers and 60 partner organisations.

Our work has 6 higher level outcomes, namely:

  • People feel safe and secure
  • People have improved health and wellbeing
  • People have support networks and feel connected
  • People have improved resilience
  • People have new or improved skills
  • People have hope and a purpose

The impacts of our work are wide ranging and include:

said they are happier
said they are in a better financial situation
said they have better health & well-being
said they have improved relationships
said school performance of children has improved
said the home is warmer and has less housing issues
said they feel supported and understood
said they have better skills and knowledge