About US

The Matthew Tree Project (TMTP) is the registered charity (no. 1146401) behind the innovative, pioneering, and holistic delivery model ‘Rebuilding Lives’ which provides a complete 'wrap-around' range of support and guidance services targeted at the most at risk and crisis hit members of society – living in developed ‘rich’ countries.


Practical emergency support in the form of healthy food and nutrition advice is provided in such a way which most importantly, encourages and allows the time necessary to build trusting and engaging relationship with each client. This is central to the approach so that it can be fully understood, what has gone wrong and what barriers need to be overcome to make progress whilst at the same time improving each person’s health, wellbeing, self-confidence, and resilience whilst preserving ones dignity. 


The pioneering model works on an ‘early intervention’ principle with the primary objective to identify and address the underlying root causes of the drivers into poverty for individuals and families who find themselves in crisis.


The service is delivered through ‘Food Plus Centre's’ strategically located in the most deprived areas of the city delivering essential support to the most disadvantaged citizens each year.


Working with a wide spectrum of approved referral agency partners, people and/or families at crisis point are referred to the project. Approved referral partners cover the whole range of possible crisis circumstances including; unmanageable debt, housing issues; addiction; unemployment or underemployment; delayed wages; zero hour contracts; education failure; sickness; disability; mental health; domestic abuse; immigration/asylum; ex-offenders; welfare reform delays/problems; family breakdown; and more…


As well as providing a wide range of support services in-house, many clients referred to TMTP have multiple and complex needs which means they require access to additional external services and often this can be very challenging, for a whole host of reasons. Due to the fact that all clients visit a ‘Food Plus Centre’ weekly - allowing a relationship to develop, an insight and understanding of how difficult the 'journey' through crisis can be for so many is acquired by the project team. This client ‘voice’ and feedback is then used to further develop the range of services provided and how they are delivered – by TMTP and external service delivery partner agencies.


The pioneering model is designed to help make the ‘navigation’ to essential services easier and more effective for the benefit of each person in need via TMTP Client Navigation Support Team. In Bristol UK, this team are funded by the Big Lottery as part of a city-wide collaborative project of which TMTP are the lead organisation with strategic partner agencies who provide a wide range of complimentary and essential services.  Our mission is to ‘empower people to take control and live self-sufficient, dignified and fulfilling lives’ and the daily activities of TMTP achieves six higher-level outcomes which contribute toward this goal. These are shown in the diagrams below:

 The Matthew Tree Project model follows the principle of the famous saying: "Give a man a fish and he will  eat for one day. Teach a man how to fish and he will never go hungry again." 

 We are a Christian faith based charity with an ethos underpinned by Matthew 25 vs 31-46; Mark 12 vs 28-  31; and James 2 vs 14-17.

How do we measure poverty?