In 2010, Mark Goodway (Founder of The Matthew Tree Project) had a vision to create a social model of working which identified and plugged the ‘gaps’ people were falling through in the social sector and to support and empower victims of such a situation to rebuild their lives and flourish. 

The result of Mark's vision is the pioneering and highly effective work of The Matthew Tree Project which operates city-wide and is a successful collaboration between a high number of widely diverse organisations who have all come together for the common good of the most disadvantaged citizens.  

To further enable the vision, Mark has recently established Rise Social Enterprise, to provide ‘Possibilities and Opportunities’ for a better future by way of skills training and job opportunities, primarily targeted for the disadvantaged and long term unemployed.

Mark Goodway is a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce) and has experience as a business adviser, specialising in strategic organisational development; from 2002-2012 was the CEO of his own outdoor media company; and is an experienced and inspiring public speaker.